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  • Pre-ordering starts January 20, 2021

  • App Store release January 27, 2021

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  • iOS 14.0 or iPadOS 14.0


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  • Wyatt Harrell


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My name is Wyatt Harrell. I am a former US Junior National Team coxswain turned software developer. I began my coxing career at Capital City Rowing in Tallahassee, FL at a young age and I was immediately hooked. I have spent countless hours both on and off the water obsessing over the sport of rowing. For years, I have wanted to develop an app for rowers and coaches to use. I recognized a need for an app that would allow coaches to easily and effortlessly build daily lineups for their team when I noticed my coach using his notes app to do this very task. Now, I can finally say that I have created an app that provides coaches with this ability and so much more.


  • Manage Your Fleet - Add fleet info from your entire boathouse into the app. Log information like boat class, rig, length, notes, and more.

  • Track Your Roster - Keep track of your rowers within the app. Record information like position, height, weight, contact info, notes, and more.

  • Build Daily Lineups - Select from your fleet and roster to build daily lineups with ease. Export your lineups as images directly to your rowers and coaching staff.

  • Record Workouts - Easily log a workout for a rower or an entire lineup. Add notes to keep track of how they performed.

  • Pace Calculator - Easily switch between calculating pace, distance, or 500m split given a pair of values.

  • VO2max Calculator - Measure your rower's capacity for aerobic work by calculating the amount of oxygen their body is capable of utilizing in one minute.

  • Multiple Stopwatches - Add and run multiple stopwatches at a time. One for every boat you have at the starting line.

  • Stroke Rate Timer - Keep your eyes on the boat and not your phone. Tap anywhere on the screen to record a stroke.

  • Watts Converter - Determine power in watts or average pace per 500 meters when converting from watts to pace.

  • Weight Adjustment Calculator - Compare your athlete's potential in a measurable way by taking into account their body weight.

  • Dark Mode - The Rowing App fully supports Dark Mode. Switch between Light Mode or Dark Mode at any time.

  • Unit Preference Support - Select your unit preferences for mass, length, and speed whether you use the Metric or Imperial System.

  • Filter & Search - Search your boats, rowers, and lineups by name or filter by a given property.

  • Alternate App Icons - Choose from 10+ different app icons with blades from around the world to make The Rowing App feel like yours.

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